First of all, thank you for purchasing Debut theme. We hope you like it and that what's more, your readers like it as well. Below you'll find a brief documentation. All the things you need to start blogging with Debut. Have fun!

About Debut

Debut theme was designed with great care to every detail. We wanted it to be a perfect theme for writers. We noticed that most, so called "blogging themes" have terrible typography. And typography is the most important aspect of well designed theme. We also wanted Debut to be as versatile as possible. No matter what you write about - Debut will fit your needs.

Getting started

After you install Debut theme on your blog, head over to your customization panel to set it up right. First - make sure responsiveness is turned on.

Google Analytics & Disqus comments

If you want to track your blog's traffic, set up free Google Analytics account. And then put your unique Google Analytics ID in appropriate field in customization sidebar.

If you want your readers to be able to leave comments under your posts, head over to and set up a free account. Put your shortname just above Google Analytics.

Social media links

Debut supports Twitter, Instagram & Dribbble. To make those visible, just enter your usernames in appropriate fields in the customization panel. There is no Twitter and/or Instagram feed displayed anywhere. Debut is about blogging, not twitting.


The best feature of Debut is that you can customize it's colors with absolutely no limits. If you don't trust yourself with color matching, take a look at our pre-made color schemes. We'll be adding new ones occasionally, so be sure you're subscribed to our newsletter.

Debut does not support font customization. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this documentation, good, readable blog is about carefuly designed typography. We feel it should stay as it is to mantain perfect proportions.

If you went beyond color customization and accidentaly broke something, we have a solution for that too. Just head over to this article.
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